[PSRList] Eligible Family Members, dependent & family income

Miftah Said miftah333s at yahoo.ca
Mon Apr 26 22:09:15 EDT 2021

Hello, Annoush and who ever can help with these  two the following questions please,
Question 1, can we include a sister of PA who has metal issue,  sister is older than her brother of family of 4, his  wife and their 2 children, but his sister dependent on him since she had mental issue in Refugee life, she had mental issue after she fled her country Ethiopia? can we sponsor her as G5 PA's older sister that has mental issue?
Question 2,   can we combine spouses income as family total income? for example, husband $28,000 and wife has $16,000., can we make their total = $44,000 as family of 2 total income  and use for G5 application contribution,
Thank you very much for your time , could you help me please with these 2 question please, 

Best Regards, Calgary Alberta Miftah Said 403 465-2135  
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