[PSRList] Fw: Provincial Navigation Line - Ontario Network of Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Treatment Centres

Yosief Araya yaraya at rstp.ca
Fri May 22 10:37:04 EDT 2020

Hi all,

We are forwarding a message about an important new service- a telephone navigation line - for victims of sexual and domestic violence during COVID-19 pandemic.

Regards, Yosief


May 19, 2020

Dear Community Partners:

The Ontario Network of Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Treatment Centres<https://www.sadvtreatmentcentres.ca/> (ONSA/DVTC) has established a 24/7 nurse-staffed telephone navigation line to assist service providers and victims/survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence during COVID-19.

COVID-19 may have impacted your local Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Treatment Centre’s (SA/DVTC) ability to ensure 24/7 service.  This line has been established to increase access to services across the province, through the provision of information, resources, care, support, and navigation to SA/DVTCs across Ontario.

For regular service, please contact your local program per your usual protocol. If you have any challenges accessing service through the normal processes, call the navigation line below:

1-855-NAV-SADV (1-855-628-7238)

Please note that this navigation line does not replace our in-person services, where available, in our 36 centres and is not a crisis line.

When an individual or service provider calls the line, they will hear a message that explains the phone line purpose, our limits of confidentiality, and that we are not an anonymous service.  If the caller agrees and consents to continue the call, they will speak with a nurse. The nurse will:

  1.  Provide information regarding service availability and resources
  2.  Discuss options for care, including health and forensic needs
  3.  Document history of assault and client concerns in order to establish plan of care
  4.  Facilitate access to the local SA/DVTC if in-person care is requested

We hope that this added resource helps to facilitate access to care during these unprecedented times, as we all work together to provide comprehensive care to survivors.

If you have any questions, please contact:

 Sheila Macdonald, Director Ontario Network of SAD/VTC’s

Sheila.macdonald at wchospital.ca<mailto:Sheila.macdonald at wchospital.ca>

Phone: 416-323-6400 ext 4472


Yosief Araya Director | Refugee Sponsorship Training Program | Catholic Crosscultural Services

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Thank you for contacting RSTP. The well-being of our staff, clients and volunteers is our highest priority. We remain closed for in-person visits during COVID-19, but we can help you over the phone or online. Check our "Contact Us"<http://www.rstp.ca/en/contact-us/> tab on our website www.rstp.ca<http://www.rstp.ca>for our phone numbers and our email address. Thank you.

From: Berna Bolanos <bbolanos at ccscan.ca>
Sent: May 22, 2020 9:58 AM
To: Leadership Team <leadershipteam at ccscan.ca>
Subject: Fw: Provincial Navigation Line - launching today!!

Good morning everyone,
I received below e-mail and attached information.
Please distribute to your respective teams.
Have a wonderful day!

From: Samantha Fernandes <sfernandes at cfspd.com>
Sent: May 22, 2020 8:46 AM
To: Berna Bolanos <bbolanos at ccscan.ca>; Anita Shiwnath <ashiwnath at ccscan.ca>; 'Jakki Buckeridge' <jbuckeridge at induscs.ca>; 'Maresa Gervais' <mgervais at peelcas.org>; 'Janet MacLean' <jmaclean at peelcas.org>; 'Daniela Alfaro Lili' <Daniela at vspeel.org>; 'Suchira Banerjee' <suchira at vspeel.org>
Subject: FW: Provincial Navigation Line - launching today!!

Hi folks,

Attached is info about a new phone line that has been launched where a client can speak to a nurse on the phone if they are in a DV situation and need medical attention. Please note though, it’s not a crisis line and is not anonymous, but can be a really good resource

Samantha Fernandes, MSW RSW | Program Manager

 [Description: cid:image001.png at 01CCBEFB.47CDF350]  • 905.450.1608 Ext. 176  7 905.450.8902  • sfernandes at cfspd.com<mailto:sfernandes at cfspd.com>

The Honorable William G. Davis Centre for Families
60 West Drive, Suite 201,
Brampton, ON.  L6T 3T6

Website: www.cfspd.com<http://www.cfspd.com/>
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Sent: Thursday, May 21, 2020 2:55 PM
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Subject: FW: Provincial Navigation Line - launching today!!

From: Keeler, Jennifer E. <Jennifer.Keeler at thp.ca<mailto:Jennifer.Keeler at thp.ca>>
Sent: Thursday, May 21, 2020 1:52 PM
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Cc: DeHooge, Laura <Laura.DeHooge at thp.ca<mailto:Laura.DeHooge at thp.ca>>
Subject: Provincial Navigation Line - launching today!!

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Hello all

I do hope this message finds you all well.  I was asked to forward you this attached message from Sheila MacDonald, provincial director of the Ontario Network of Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Care Centres.  The message announces the launch of a 1 800 line that the network has established to address concerns over the increase demands and decreased staffing within the province as it relates to the pandemic and maintaining 24/7 support for survivors of sexual assault and/or domestic violence.

Fortunately, our program (Chantel’s Place) has and continues to provide quality care to survivors 24/7 and we hope you will carry on referring/directing survivors to our services.  Not all areas in the province have been able to maintain the 24/7 standard so this will be a valuable resource for areas outside of Peel.

Feel free to forward to your teams and please don’t  hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns.

Thanks all

Jennifer Keeler
Coordinator/Nurse Practitioner
Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Services
Mississauga Hospital Site
[cid:image001.png at 01D3733B.D321F8C0]
Office: (905) 848 7580 x.2548
jennifer.keeler at thp.ca<mailto:jennifer.keeler at thp.ca>
A partner of the Ontario Network of Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Treatment Centres  www.sadvtreatmentcentres.net<http://www.sadvtreatmentcentres.net/>

From: Macdonald, Sheila [mailto:Sheila.Macdonald at wchospital.ca]
Sent: May-21-20 12:32 PM
ToSubject: RE: Provincial Navigation Line - launching today!!

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Hi everyone,

Please forward this letter to your community partners so they are aware that this line is a resource if needed.

This is not a public facing line so the phone number cannot be posted on your website.  I will be sending this communication to the Assaulted Women’s Helpline, Telehealth Ontario, Kid’s Helpline, OCRCC and OAITH.

Sheila Macdonald, RN MN SANE- A
Director, Ontario Network of Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Treatment Centres
c/o Women’s College Hospital
76 Grenville St, Toronto, ON M6C3P4
416-323-6400 ext 4472

From: Macdonald, Sheila
Sent: Thursday, May 21, 2020 10:59 AM
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Subject: Provincial Navigation Line - launching today!!

Greetings everyone,

Please forward the attached letter to your CEO regarding the implementation of the provincial navigation line for SA/DVTC’s.

We will be launching the line today by 2pm. I will contact all the nurses on the schedule for the next 5 days.

Further information to follow.


Sheila Macdonald, RN MN SANE- A
Director, Ontario Network of Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Treatment Centres
c/o Women’s College Hospital
76 Grenville St, Toronto, ON M6C3P4
416-323-6400 ext 4472

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