[PSRList] FW: Schedule A IMM5669 - IRCC's clarifications

Yosief Araya yaraya at rstp.ca
Mon Nov 26 17:02:36 EST 2018

Dear sponsors,

Below is an official clarification from IRCC regarding Schedule A (IMM5669).


The Schedule A (IMM5669) version available through our website has been updated in the past few weeks.  As this form is used by all permanent resident applicants, the previous available version (12-2012) was recently updated to reflect changes in wording.  The new version (10-2018) is a fillable form and can now be downloaded via IRCC's website.

The Schedule A is part of the different refugee sponsorship application kits (SAH, Group of five, Community Sponsors) as well as the Convention Refugees Abroad and Humanitarian Protected Persons Abroad (IMM 6000) refugee permanent resident application.

We have received a number of inquiries and wish to clarify that either version will be accepted with any application submission as long as it is duly completed and dated / signed.

As such, no grace period is required in transitioning to the new form. Please note that ALL forms submitted to ROC-O must bear a handwritten signature-any forms received with an electronic typed signature will not be accepted and any such submissions will be returned to the sponsors.


Best regards,

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