[PSRList] International Women's Day and available BVOR cases

Parastoo Aznavehzadeh paznavehzadeh at rstp.ca
Thu Mar 8 12:18:13 EST 2018

Dear sponsors,
On International Women's Day let's remember the many refugee women around the world. Looking for safety and a better life for themselves and their families.
Please sponsor refugee women through the BVOR program. Give them a safe home.

Kindly distribute the attached flyer in your networks, and please keep referring interested and potential sponsors to this fantastic program.

The needs are great, and together we are making a huge difference in the lives of refugees.

Here are some of the available BVOR profiles.

BVOR PROFILE #:  0855-01-18
XREF: None

The PA is a widowed Eritrean woman with no education. She worked as a baker at the camp. She fears for her safety and as a result cannot return to her home country. The PA would benefit from additional support from a sponsor upon arrival to Canada.

BVOR PROFILE #:  0849-01-18
XREF: None

The PA is Congolese women with her spouse and six children. They both have working experience as cultivators and the spouse additionally worked as a barber previously. They would benefit from the support from a sponsor upon resettling in Canada.

BVOR PROFILE #:  0861-01-18
XREF: BVOR 0862-01-18

A is a 45 year old Eritrean woman. She has 7 years of formal education. PA has a friend in Hamilton, ON and to facilitate successful integration in Canada, it is recommended that the PA and her cousin on BVOR 0862-01-18 resettle there. She cannot return to her home country as she fears for her safety and persecution based on ongoing ethnic conflicts. PA will appreciate the assistance of the sponsor in the country of resettlement.
BVOR PROFILE #:  0864-01-18
XREF: None

PA is a 38 year old Sudanese married woman with three children. She has 8 years of formal education. PA and her family cannot return to their home country as they fear for their safety and persecution based on ongoing ethnic conflicts. PA has a friend in Edmonton, AB and it is recommended that they resettle there.

BVOR PROFILE #:  0890-01-18
XREF: None

PA is a 29 year old Somalian divorced woman with one child. PA's child resides with her mother at the present time. PA was threatened and persecuted by her family, and she will benefit from counselling. Her uncle resides in Ottawa, and it is recommended that she resettles in the same area.
BVOR PROFILE #:  0912-02-18
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: AWR; X-refs: children; preferred destination, Ottawa, ON near daughters.
XREF: BVOR 0913-02-18 and BVOR 0914-02-18

Married Burundian travelling with 5 children, two of which are on BVOR 0913-02-18and BVOR 0914-02-18. The PA is a woman at risk. She can speak French and a little bit of English as do some of her children.

BVOR PROFILE #:  0965-02-18
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  Applicant would prefer to resettle in Toronto
XREF: None

PA is a 38 year old Afghani single mother with 4 children. She has work experience in handicrafts, tailoring and hairdressing. All 4 of her children are school aged. This family has been persecuted in their home country based on political opinion, and could benefit from the help of a sponsor.

For more information on these profiles and to learn more about the others, kindly use your username and password to login in to RSTP BVOR Matching Database: cathcrosscultural.sharepoint.com/rstp

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Kindest Regards,
Parastoo Aznavehzadeh Refugee Resettlement Project Worker| Refugee Sponsorship Training Program (RSTP) Catholic Crosscultural Services| 55 Town Centre Court, Suite 401, Scarborough, ON M1P 4X4
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