[PSRList] FW: GRSI Releases 6-Country Ministerial Statement

Yosief Araya yaraya at rstp.ca
Tue Jul 17 15:36:40 EDT 2018

Dear colleagues,

On July 16th, the Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative released a 6 Country Ministerial Statement signed by Ministers from Canada, UK, Argentina, New Zealand, Ireland, and Spain! To add to the great news, Spain has used the statement as an opportunity to officially announce its commitment to develop a new sponsorship program.

 The statement endorses community-based refugee sponsorship as an effective model of offering protection to refugees in need, acknowledging the positive effects it has for both refugees and the sponsoring communities. The Ministers reference GRSI’s ongoing support, and invite other countries to join them in implementing sponsorship programs as a way to meet their commitments under the Global Compact on Refugees.

The Statement is available on GRSI’s website<https://twitter.com/RefugeeHub/status/1018907401393770506> and on the news wire<https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/joint-statement---ministers-from-canada-the-united-kingdom-ireland-argentina-spain-and-new-zealand-underline-their-support-for-community-based-refugee-sponsorship-in-advance-of-the-2018-united-nations-general-688280161.html>.

In addition, a number of tweets are already circulating (with more to come!):
-          Refugee Hub: https://twitter.com/RefugeeHub/status/1018907401393770506
-          UNHCR Canada: https://twitter.com/jnbeuze/status/1018910131336163329
-          IRCC: https://twitter.com/CitImmCanada/status/1018925768410312704
-          Jennifer Bond: https://twitter.com/bondjk/status/1018945490761736193
-          UK Minister Rt Hon Caroline Nokes: https://twitter.com/carolinenokes/status/1018871328290607104

Please share and re-tweet widely!

It’s clear that momentum around refugee sponsorship is growing as countries increasingly recognize the model’s power to respond to resettlement needs, improve integration outcomes, and transform communities. We hope you join us in celebrating this growing momentum as we all continue to work towards creative solutions to assist refugees.

Kind regards,


Jessica Walsh
Senior Legal Officer
Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative

The Refugee Hub |le Carrefour des Réfugiés
University of Ottawa |l’Université d’Ottawa
554 King Edward Avenue, 3rd floor, Ottawa, ON, K1N 6N5
T: (613) 562-5800 ext. 3084
Facebook<https://www.facebook.com/uottawarefugeehub/> | Twitter<https://twitter.com/refugeehub> | LinkedIn<https://ca.linkedin.com/company/the-refugee-hub>


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