[PSRList] IRCC target or limit for 2017?

Karen & Bruce karenlbrucea at gmail.com
Fri Sep 29 13:47:51 EDT 2017

Hello everyone,

A contact of our sponsorship group recently told us this:

"I was at a meeting recently where I heard that IRCC has *promised to land
16,000 Privately Sponsored Refugees during 2017*."

Does anyone know whether this is true or not?

And if it is true, is the 16,000 an aspirational target or an upper limit?

If it is a target, one wouldn't think it would negatively affect
applications that are in the pipeline, but if it is an upper limit, I
suppose that is another story.

Our contact seemed to think that it might delay the arrival of our refugee
family, who is currently at the interview stage in Lebanon, to 2018.

Thanks for any information/clarifications anyone might have,

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