[PSRList] FW: Upcoming changes: New checklists and updated instruction guide for IMM5413 form

Yosief Araya yaraya at rstp.ca
Tue Jun 27 14:55:05 EDT 2017

Dear sponsors,

I hope my email finds you well. Below are some updates from IRCC about upcoming changes.

*         IRCC will be publishing a new checklists and an updated IMM5413 PSR guide.

*         The guide, which also contains the checklists, will be published by July 31, 2017.

*         Following a one month grace period, the new requirements outlined in the checklists and updated guide will be enforced on applications received on or after September 5, 2017.

The highlights of the new checklists are as follows:

*         Forms must be typed - not handwritten;

*         The Generic Application Form for Canada (IMM0008) must be 2D bar coded and the bar code must be legible;

*         The biodata of the refugees on the undertaking and the IMM0008 must match;

*         Personal/individual email addresses must be provided for all sponsors and for the principal applicant (representative contact information will not be accepted, and should be reflected only on the IMM5476 Use of a Representative Form, if applicable);

*         For SAH, the Sponsor Assessment Form (IMM5492) must be submitted for co-sponsors and for Constituent Groups (CG) (implemented as of June 1, 2017);

*         For G5 and CS, a stricter list of documents that can be submitted to prove the financial commitment of a sponsor will be enforced; and

*         For G5 and CS, some key questions in the Financial Profile Form (IMM5373B) and Settlement Plan will need to be answered for ROC-O to accept the application (such as in IMM5373B, the question re: for how many people in Canada, including yourself, are you currently the primary source of financial support?)

Best regards,

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