[PSRList] For Sponsors in Ontario: Information on Resettled Refugees Eligibility for ODSP in the 12 month Sponsorship Period

Suneet Kharay skharay at rstp.ca
Tue Jun 6 16:38:15 EDT 2017

Dear Sponsors,

The Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration (MCI) has shared the following information on sponsored refugees' eligibility for the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) during the 12-month sponsorship period:

"Please find attached written confirmation from the Ministry that both GARs and PSRs are eligible for ODSP benefits during their first year in Canada.

Further to this call, I also wanted to share the following clarifications:

*         GARs and PSRs are eligible for ODSP even during their first 12 months in Canada, unless they have income in excess of what they would be eligible for under ODSP.

*         RAP or sponsorship support is deducted dollar for dollar from the ODSP amount they would otherwise be entitled to.

*         When helping a refugee apply for ODSP, it may be helpful to:

o   Say that you wish to do a self-referral to ODSP.

o   If the ODSP office tries to tell you that the refugee needs to apply to OW first, explain that there is no immediate need for short-term financial assistance. However, you understand that refugees are eligible for ODSP during their first 12 months in Canada and you wish to start the financial eligibility assessment (they will not give you the medical forms for the doctor to fill out until after the financial eligibility step is completed).

o   If needed, you can use the attached document issued by the ODSP staff at the Ministry of Community and Social Services to support your request.

o   If you still have problems, ask to speak to the manager.

o   If the manager is unable to resolve the problem, please let me know the issue and the ODSP office location, and I can get in touch with the director at MCSS."

More information on the above can be found in the attached handout.

Kindly note that this information only applies to sponsors and sponsored refugees within Ontario.

Kind regards,


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