[PSRList] Time line with Group of 5 Undertaking

Bill White billwhite at shaw.ca
Wed Aug 30 14:36:21 EDT 2017

Hello Margaret,

I am one of a group of 5 who  applied for a specific Syrian  family 
April 1, 201 through a program called family links which no longer 
exists. We were advised  when following up   on our application twice  
over many months they did  not have it. Fortunately for us we had a copy 
of the  fax document to send them to show it was sent.

We had experience with the Federal Government  having  sponsored a 
Syrian  family  under a SAH agreement. This experience and what we 
learned from that lead us to persist in following up on our second 

This July they started asking us many questions and wanting copies of 
already submitted documents. Part of this was likely due to their  
moving of the office from Winnipeg.

  The good news  is that in early August  the family  of 6 was 
interviewed in Turkey. We understand now the security check will be 
undertaken which could take plus or minus 6 months.

It has been most frustrating. Had we not persisted  in making contact 
with the office in Winnipeg  and subsequently  in Ottawa over the past 
15 months nothing would have happened.

  I wish you success in your sponsorship.

Bill White

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