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I am new to this and so have nothing unfortunately that can help you.  We have a Syrian BVOR family who has relations that came in as Canadian govt refugees.  Their sister is in UAR - her husband is losing his work visa so family has to go back to Syria. We have a group of 5 and family here but they can't sponsor although they are well settled because they have only been in Canada 17 months.  Any ideas?

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Hi Everybody,

I have new comers in Canada who would like to do a group 5 sponsorship to help others. They are of course employed and well settled but are not even one year old here in Canada. They neither filed taxes nor have T4s to prove their income. But, they are willing to open a trust fund in the name of the refugee they want to sponsor with enough money according to immigration budget. Can you share me if you have the same experience or if it is possible? If possible how do they do it?
Thank you so much in advance!

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