[PSRList] Assistance with Stalled Application Following Applicant Interviews in Jordan

Ann-Marie Petr ampetr77 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 11:16:48 EDT 2017


I apologize for sending to such a large distribution, but I have exhausted
all other avenues to obtain assistance and am hoping that someone here has
experience with a similar case and will be able to assist us and give us a
way forward with our case.

I am co-sponsor of 2 Iraqi brothers who are refugees, currently in Jordan.

They were interviewed, in January, and told that they were approved,
pending medical check and security check.  Things then went silent with
their case for months and, in that time, much later applicant's cases
progressed.  In May, the brothers contacted the Amman Visa office who asked
them to provide a document stating that they are not French citizens and
are not eligible for French citizenship.  The first concern is why were
they, and the SAH, were not contacted by the Visa office with a request for
this information?  They had no idea that anything was required until they
contacted the Visa office, months after the interview.

In order to fulfill the request, they went to the French embassy, in Amman,
multiple times and were told that the embassy does not provide any such
document as it does not exist.  I have called multiple other French
embassies with the same response.  We have tried to contact French
government agencies dealing with immigration / citizenship without
success.  We even paid for translation of our request as requested by one
of the agencies and, subsequently, heard nothing.  We contacted a French
lawyer who also indicated that there is no such document and for actual
“proof” or investigation into eligibility for French citizenship, it takes
years and requires a visit to France - none of this is possible.  Even in
Canada, it takes months to fulfill a request for proof of citizenship yet
the Visa office, in Amman, gave the applicants 30 days to provide proof
that they are NOT French citizens or eligible for citizenship.

Here we are, months later with no progress or updates on their cases.  I
have contacted multiple SAHs, RSTP, Refugee613, our local MP and we have no
answers and no updates and no recommendations for what to do.  In the time
that their case has been under review, other refugees have applied, had
applications review, approved, been interviewed, completed security checks
and medicals, and flown to Canada!  I am also a sponsor of another refugee
who applied 6 months after these brothers and he is already in Ottawa!

The brothers have no ties to France and have communicated such to the Visa
offie with no response other than it was under review, but it has been
under review for months now.  What can we do for an update or to move this
forward?  Something appears to be genuinely broken in the process and with
this case and we are incredibly frustrated trying to get any updates or
answers or understand what is going on.  Why is this happening?  What can
we do here?

Thanks and regards,

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