[PSRList] Join RSTP's Fall 2016 Introduction to PSR E-Training Course - Starts Monday October 17, 2016

RSTP E-Training etraining at rstp.ca
Thu Sep 29 15:45:42 EDT 2016

Dear PSR List Members,

We are pleased to announce that registrations for the Fall 2016 session of the introductory online course (IET101) on the Private Sponsorship of Refugees program is now open. This course is an online course, consisting of 8 weekly units (readings and quizzes) as well as a discussion forum and a final, cumulative exam. Students who successfully complete the course receive a certificate of completion from our program, and are offered the opportunity to take the advanced level online course. There is no fee for taking either of these courses.

The attached course syllabus and course timetable contain more detailed information about the start and end date of the course as well as the format, expectations and grading scheme.  Kindly forward this message to anyone who you think can also benefit from this course.

Anyone interested should register by October 9, 2016.  Please go to this link http://etraining.rstp.ca/login/signup.php and complete all required fields. RSTP will review registrations and enrol those that meet the requirements to take the course.

Prospective students will receive confirmations of their registration by October 14, and they will be invited to participate in an orientation webinar scheduled for Tuesday, October 18 at 1 pm EDT.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Best regards,

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