[PSRList] Dental care for privately-sponsored Syrians

Marc Carruthers mwcarruthers at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 10:31:49 EDT 2016

My belated thanks to all of you for your helpful suggestions.  Blue
Cross-Medavie had steered me in the wrong direction entirely.  But one
phone call to the London-Middlesex Health Unit, and I was able to get an
appointment this week for the girl in our sponsored family who is having
dental problems.  And they will give us more info about enrolling all of
the children in the Healthy Smiles program.  :)

On Thu, Mar 10, 2016 at 6:56 PM, Sara Washburn-Pichette <
pichettepower at rogers.com> wrote:

> If you are in Ottawa, the family can apply for Healthy Smiles for free
> care for the children. It takes a while because you have to have their cctb
> documents to even apply. It takes a couple months to get the cctb and then
> they have to apply in person. It can take a few weeks for the healthy
> smiles application to be approved or it can go quicker. They will get their
> healthy smiles papers via Canada post so make sure to check their mail each
> week. Then you have to find a dentist that will accept healthy smiles that
> is close to their home. The sooner they can get to appointments without
> help, the better. It can take multiple appointments to deal with
> significant dental issues. Not all dentists will accept healthy smiles
> because they are only allowed to charge a reduced rate.
> Check out the colleges for the adults. They take multiple appointments
> because the students have to take extra care and their work is monitored by
> dentists evaluating them. The locations aren't convenient but the prices
> are amazing
> Let me know if you are in Ottawa. I heard about another possible place for
> cheap dental in the west end but my notes are at home do I cannot include
> here
> Sara
> On Mar 10, 2016, at 6:45 PM, Rima Abdel Karim <rimamona at hotmail.com>
> wrote:
> Dentists volunteered to provide services for Syrian refugees , this is the
> site
> www.canadiandentistsforrefugees.net
> Hope this help you out, if you are in Ottawa our friends are dentists and
> are part of this initiative I can give you their info.
> Regards
> Rima
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> On Mar 10, 2016, at 6:00 PM, Tom Closson <tclosson at sympatico.ca> wrote:
> You can get help re access from Public Health in your area. You can also
> contact the Ontario Dental Association as I understand that they are
> setting up a central support function
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> Subject: [PSRList] Dental care for privately-sponsored Syrians
> Hi, just wondering if anyone can clarify exactly what dental services are
> covered under IFHP for Syrian refugees (now permanent residents, since
> arriving about six weeks ago).  I checked their IFHP confirmation documents
> but there is no specific mention of dental services.  However, in the link
> below it says that 'emergency dental exams, dental X-rays and extractions'
> are covered (dated Dec 2015).  I assume this applies to both children and
> adults?  Our sponsored family has not seen a dentist for several years, and
> we would like them all to have check-ups.  However, only one of the
> children has been reporting any problems with her teeth.  Would she be the
> only who might be considered an 'emergency' and all the others would have
> to pay for routine check-ups?  I spoke to someone at Medavie-Blue Cross but
> they could not answer that question.  Instead they referred me to a long
> list of dentists here in London who accept IFHP patients (but are not
> necessarily taking new patients right now).  Should I start calling
> individual dentists on the list, or would I be better off calling Western
> University which apparently has dental students who provide low-cost
> treatments?  Thanks for any advice.
> http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/pdf/pub/IFHP-eng.pdf
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