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Mohamed Khadim mkhadim at toronto.ca
Thu Jul 28 15:13:55 EDT 2016

?Hi folks,

I understand that your intentions are good when you added people to the mailing list for Syrian refugee private sponsorship group.

However, due to Canada's anti-spam legislation you are obligated to provide a clear opt-in for any electronic communications. The fines are pretty high for non-compliance.

I would advise that you send and email explaining what the group is about and provide an option for people to subscribe. If they subscribe, you will also have to provide a clear option to unsubscribe with every e-mail you send.

I see that a number of people are already upset that they have been added without their consent. I don't blame them - being bombarded by emails can get annoying.


Mohamed Khadim

Senior Information Analyst,

Corporate Information Management Services

City of Toronto

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