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Hi Tekle, Omar and List Members,


We are aware that CPO-W is now moving through the G5 applications that were
submitted last year, and that they have some additional human resources this
summer. Hopefully, this will mean a faster turnover time for any new
applications submitted by G5s.


Unfortunately the majority of G5 applications are now being returned and as
Tekle pointed out, it is difficult to determine what exactly the problem
was. If you can detect and address the problem, you can re-submit the
application however it will be treated as a new application. CIC has
informed us that they are working on publishing average processing times for
in-Canada (CPO-W). We will share the link with you once it has been


>From what we see at the RSTP, there are 3 main areas of problems for the
majority of G5 applications that are being returned:


1.      Proof of the refugee applicant's legal status as a refugee was not


If you work with G5s or are a member of a G5, please ensure that the
application you submit is for refugees who have been recognized as refugees
and have documentary proof of this. For example, ration cards, registration,
ID cards, asylum seeker certificate etc. are not proof of refugee status.
Refugee status recognition certificates and 'mandate letters' are documents
issued by the UNHCR which prove that the refugee applicant has been formally
accepted and recognized as a refugee.


2.      Original signatures were not included. The CPO-W does not accept
scanned copies. 


3.      Definition of 'family' according to CIC: Please note that 1
application package must be completed per family unit. A family unit
consists of the main refugee applicant (called 'principal applicant'), the
refugee applicant's spouse or common-law partner, and their dependent
children (up to the age of 18). Any siblings, children 19 years and over,
cousins, or grandparents cannot be included as dependants in one
application. The exception is that a child 19 years or over can be included
if she/he has a medical or physical condition that makes them dependants on
the principal applicant. 


For example, if there is a mother (principal applicant), her husband, 4
children aged 14, 16, 19 and 22, and the mother's sister and her newborn,
you will need 4 application packages (4 cases). That means, a full
application package including an Undertaking, Generic Application forms,
etc. (find all the forms per package here:
http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/applications/private.asp) for:

*        Principal applicant (mother), spouse, and their children aged 14
and 16

*        Principal applicant (child aged 19)

*        Principal applicant (child aged 22)

*        Principal applicant (sister) and newborn child


Please note that even if you plan on housing all of the persons above
together, the G5 group will need to submit separate Settlement Plans as well
as Financial Profiles, etc.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the
forms or G5 processing. 



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As my experience helping many G5 applicants,it takes minimum one year to get
a response. The main problem now is not only the time,the Winnipeg office
responds with a generic letter saying one of the following is missing from a
list of at least 25 items. Every one who tried to use G5 is giving up
because they don't what is wrong with the application if nothing is
highlighted. Is there anything that can be done to change this recent
practice of CIC


Tekle Bahlibi 


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Subject: [PSRList] G5 Winnipeg Process

Dear all,


As some of you may be aware, the G5 processing procedures have changed
significantly since the inception of the new CIC rules in 2011/2012. Despite
the stated 30  working days to process the G5 application by CPOW, as
stipulated in the guide, it seems that the processing of the G5 applications
have taken the back seat. Unlike the SAH applications, which have a concrete
group and council that fights for them, the G5 category is not an organized
one and there are no avenues through which to adequately address the G5


I thought we might be able to share some practices on your experiences. I
hear that the backlog is now over 2 years for the CPOW processing not to
mention how much longer it will take for overseas processing. Does anyone
have any recent communication from CPOW? What timelines are we talking





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