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Dear colleagues,

In response to questions received from SAHs following the webinar presentation on “Communications and Follow-Ups” during the last SAH conference, CIC is sharing the following information to provide additional clarity on communications with visa offices.

For Groups of Five and Community Sponsors

Incoming communications (sponsor→ visa office) 

-          A Use of Representative Form must be on file in order for a sponsorship representative to provide information to the visa office on a refugee’s behalf (to update the refugee’s address; change in refugee circumstances; etc.)

Outgoing communications (visa office→ sponsor)

-          Visa offices will now be using the primary email address associated with the organization in GCMS for all communications with sponsors. This is in recognition of the fact that sponsor contact information recorded on the undertaking may change by the time the application is processed overseas

-          CIC maintains Group of Five and Community Sponsor email addresses and other contact information in GCMS; It is therefore very important for G5s and Community sponsors to inform CIC of any changes to their contact information by sending a case specific enquiry through: https://dmp-portal.cic.gc.ca/enquiries-renseignements/canada-case-cas-eng.aspx. Be sure to select “sponsor” in the drop down menu for relationship to applicant, and select “change of address” in the drop down menu for application type.  

-          The refugee indicates their willingness to have their personal information disclosed to their sponsoring group by checking off the appropriate box on the Schedule 2.

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